Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Three Locations in the Bay Area

Board of Directors

GISSV is a California nonprofit organization governed by a Board of Directors comprised of GISSV parent volunteers. Elected by its Society, the Board legally represents GISSV, while also establishing the strategic direction for the school. The Board consists of nine members, each of whom is elected to serve a term of three years. Members of the Board can be elected for up to three three-year terms with a two-year break in services after the second term. The Board holds regular meetings to perform its duties as specified in the GISSV by-laws (Approved by the Society in May 2016; pending approval from Germany) and in accordance with the Board-adopted Business Rules and Code of Conduct.

Organizational matters are regulated and approved by the Board in coordination with the principal. On behalf of the GISSV Board, the school principal is responsible for the daily management of the school. The GISSV principal as well as a representative of the German Consulate General in San Francisco attend Board meetings as ex officio members.

Upon resolution of the Board, additional persons may participate in an advisory capacity during Board meetings, or may be consulted on individual topics on the agenda. Typical guests are the vice principal, the head of administration and the Parent Association (PA) president or his/her representative. The PA president presents parent issues as discussed at PA meetings for consideration by the Board.

2016-2017 Board of Directors

  • Anne Hess, President
  • Cornelia Bohle-Neubrand, Vice President
  • Christian Cramer, Treasurer
  • Christine Döbele-Munson
  • Cay Horstmann
  • Eric Lauterbach
  • Dr. Manfred Mueller
  • Kathrin Randall
  • Walter C. Rossmann
  • Rachel Scott Beckert
  • Kareen Weissenberg

Electing the Board of Directors

  • In accordance with the by-laws and the election process for Board members, Society members can cast their vote prior to or at Society meetings;
  • Each member of the Society (as defined by §3 of the bylaws) has the right to cast a vote for the total number of vacant Board member seats;
  • Ideally, each campus location has a representative in the Board;
  • At the first meeting after the Society elected a new Board, the Board of Directors elects a president, treasurer, secretary, and their respective deputies;
  • Society members are eligible for election to the Board (with the exception of employees of GISSV).

Common Board Tasks

  • Providing strategic direction;
  • Guaranteeing financial security by adopting sound and balanced budgets and monitoring revenues and expenditures;
  • Negotiating and signing facility leases and rental agreements;
  • Supporting marketing and sponsoring efforts;
  • Deciding on employment-related matters;
  • Scheduling bi-annual Society meetings;
  • Admitting new Society members;
  • Representing GISSV in the greater Bay Area community.

Meet the 2016-2017 Board Members

Anne Hess, President

Anne Hess has been a tireless supporter of the bilingual mission of GISSV in a variety of roles, including the PA and now Board, since her children started in 2005.

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Cornelia Bohle-Neubrand, Vice President

Cornelia Bohle-Neubrand has 20+ years of international experience working as Localization Manager for high-tech companies in California and Germany, equipping her with skills in project, program, contract, team and vendor management.

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Cay Horstmann

Dr. Cay Horstmann is professor of computer science at San José State University. Cay's twins first learned German in the German International School in Saigon, and have been with GISSV in San Francisco since the inception of the campus in 2011.

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Eric Lauterbach
Eric Lauterbach has over 20 years of CPG experience in startup, mid-tier and Fortune 500 companies.
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Dr. Manfred Mueller

Dr. Manfred Mueller works out of the US headquarters for a company in the security business which he had joined in the year 2000.

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Kathrin Randall

Kathrin Randall has 15 years experience of working for California nonprofits, and brings experience from non-profit education, fundraising, governance and strategic planning.

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Rachel Beckert
Rachel Beckert, a Bay Area native, grew up in Berkeley, lived in San Francisco for 13 years then moved to Mountain View in 2008.
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Kareen Weissenberg

Kareen Weissenberg has an extensive background in corporate finance, having held a number of senior finance positions in the CPG sector.

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