Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
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Multicultural Day at Mountain View's Huff School
Multicultural Day at Mountain View's Huff School

GISSV students were invited to present German culture at the Multicultural Day of a local elementary school.

Written by Katharina Staehr, class 6a

On Thursday March 9, GISSV was invited to visit Frank L. Huff Elementary School (K-5th grade) for an annual Multicultural Day to celebrate a certain country. This year it happened to be Germany. Thanks to our fabulous school representatives Emilia Rossman and Melissa Harder, we made the event possible. Also, thanks to Frau Doyle and Frau Oehler who helped with the transportation of school/class representatives and not to forget our middle and high schoolers who created posters about each state in Germany. At the Huff school event, our school/class representatives enjoyed playing and learning with the other students to grasp onto the German culture. We played some typical German games like "Topfschlagen" or "Schokoladen-Essen." Besides games, we also used maps to portray Germany. On top of this, Melissa created posters so the other students could receive a fundamental idea of the German language. We all hope that GISSV left behind some German culture!

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