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Anti-Drug Day at GISSV Mountain View
Anti-Drug Day at GISSV Mountain View

7th graders learned about the physical and mental impact of drugs during a project day on campus.

Written by Mara Stoll und Magdalena Neubrand, Grade 7a

On Wednesday, March 15, the 7th grade had their anti-drug day which was spread over the first six periods. We talked about drugs and what they can do to your body. In the first two periods, we were talking about the physical and mental effects of drugs. Next, we had a task to sort different kinds of drugs in different categories. Legal and illegal drugs, addictive and non-addictive drugs, mental and physical drugs, material-connected and material-unconnected drugs.

The most fun and interesting was the visit by police officers B. Taylor, R. Smith and their sergeant. First, they talked about drugs in our neighborhoods. To help us understand the real effects of drugs, they showed us a video of a man who was under the influence of drugs. During the video we were also showed drug samples. After the video was over, we went outside to do an experiment. In this experiment the police gave us goggles. When you are wearing the goggles, it changes your vision as if you were drunk.

In the last two periods, we talked about a fictional character named Tom. By this example, we discussed the topics of addiction, enjoyment and use of a drug. Lastly, the classes finished writing Tom's story about his future life. At the end of the day, we learned a lot about the effects and the hazards of drugs.

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