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Field Trip to the California Academy of Sciences
Field Trip to the California Academy of Sciences

GISSV Berkeley/East Bay 3rd and 4th grade students explored the fascinating underwater world.

Written by Nina Müller, elementary school teacher at Berkeley/East Bay campus

Last Wednesday, students of grades 3 and 4 explored the beauty and diversity of the underwater world during a field trip to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. During the trip, they observed the behavior of various animals in the Philippine Coral Reef and explored the life on the California Coast and kelp forest. They also had time to find, touch and observe various types of invertebrates—from sea stars and sea urchins to the octopus and shrimps—at the touch pools and water world exhibit. Finally, they strolled through the rain forest, walked underneath the mangrove forest and even experienced what a stroke from an eel would feel like, before heading back to the GISSV East Bay campus by bus and BART. An exciting dive into the underwater world!

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