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GISSV Awarded $500 Grant for Waste Reduction Efforts
GISSV Awarded $500 Grant for Waste Reduction Efforts

The Mountain View Eco-Committee secured a grant from the National Wildlife Federation.

The GISSV Mountain View Eco-Committee has secured a $500 grant from the National Wildlife Federation's Eco-Schools Program and Wrigley's Litter Less Campaign for its plan to step up recycling, composting and waste reduction at GISSV.

The GISSV Eco-Committee's goal is to put initiatives in place that will help the school reduce the amount of trash it sends to the landfill, as well as purchasing more recycled paper products. Among the initiatives planned:

  • Educating students how to sort recyclables and compostable items from trash.
  • Forming student recycling teams to supervise and sort recyclables, compostables and trash during the lunch break and after school.
  • Organizing the 2nd annual "paper challenge."
  • Training janitorial staff on sorting trash, recyclables and compostable items.
  • Helping the school switch to 100% recycled paper for all printers and copiers.

GISSV received $350 up front to help launch the Eco-Committee's initiatives. GISSV will receive the remaining $150 after the Eco-Committee reports its results in May to the National Wildlife Federation.

The $500 grant will be spent on more compost bins, as well as gloves, aprons and trash pickers for the student recycling teams and others for sorting recycling, compost and waste on campus. The remaining funds will be used to offset the cost of field trips, presentations, programs,\ and other educational activities aimed at reducing trash at GISSV.

The GISSV Eco-Committee is comprised of GISSV students, teachers, staff, and parents. Contact for more information or if you're interested in joining the Eco-Committee.

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