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GISSV Litter Walks at our San Francisco Campus
GISSV Litter Walks at our San Francisco Campus

On Thursday, GISSV San Francisco students voluntarily took several litter walks.

Written by Beate Antonich, parent at GISSV San Francisco Campus

In the morning, students and parents that participated on our monthly walk-to-school day got busy right away at Inspiration Point in the Presidio. Equipped with garbage pickers and gloves they swiftly identified litter in the area and collected 8 buckets full of beverage containers, packaging, plastics and other litter. Noticing nearby garbage cans, some students asked "how could so much litter could accumulate with designated trashcans in place?" Students also found a geocache containing among other treasures a little red Buddha before continuing their litter walk along the Ecology trail.

In the afternoon, Kindergarten and elementary school students, accompanied by teacher Barbara Troy and parents, continued picking up litter on school grounds and in the nearby area. They classified items that can be recycled and those that should be placed in a trashcan and disposed of the materials accordingly. Students prided themselves on accomplishing a litter-free school ground.

Students also learnt from a recent local newspaper report of littering in another local park and then discussed that, if litter would be prevented, the resources used for cleanups could be re-allocated and put to better use. Free ice cream came to mind.

Besides GISSV's waste reduction, recycling and composting efforts, this rejuvenation action of our school area fit well with our spring-cleaning activities just before leaving for spring break.

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