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Hands-On Learning at SLAC
Hands-On Learning at SLAC

GISSV 10th graders got the chance to talk to scientists about their work at the renowned SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Stanford.

Written by Nicolas Schapeler and Marc Fischer, Grade 10

On Wednesday, our classes 10a and 10b went to the Stanford particle accelerator, the SLAC, for a field trip with Mrs. Genz and Mr. Geus. There we were exposed to the most recent research in the field of physics such as material under extreme conditions, research on dark matter and dark energy as well as the creation of antimatter. We saw huge lasers and could go underground to have a first-hand experience of the SLAC which stretches over 3.2 kilometers under highway 82. All of us found the trip highly interesting and had a lot of fun. We really enjoyed the tour and want to thank our teachers for making this amazing experience possible.

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