Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Three Locations in the Bay Area

First-Hand Learning about Recycling
First-Hand Learning about Recycling

Students at the GISSV East Bay and Mountain View locations learned more about composting and recycling.

As part of the Eco-Schools initiative, our preschool to elementary school students at our East Bay and Mountain View campuses had the opportunity to learn first-hand about recycling.

Teachers and the PA at our East Bay campus wanted students to see how compost and recycling is collected in their communities. A Waste Management garbage truck visited them at school, and the special visit that showed students how separated compostable materials are collected even made it into the company's internal newsletter!

Subsequently, grades 4 to 9 went on a field trip to see a Waste Management recycling facility operating first-hand (another trip to the facility will be coming up next week). The students learned about the "4 Rs": Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. Rhiya Puniani, a participating parent, commented: "I genuinely felt humbled and immense respect for workers in the industry and the sheer volume of waste that we add to the environment - an enriching experience indeed."

The 3rd grade classes at the GISSV Mountain View campus embarked on a similar learning experience and visited the Shoreline Recycling Center this week. There, they learned what happens with landfill, compost and recycling bins and how waste is separated. Back in class, the students discussed ideas for how to improve our recycling at school and what we can do to reduce trash.

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