Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Three Locations in the Bay Area

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School Life

GISSV is a collaborative, diverse, ambitious and supportive community, nurtured by our small class sizes and cohesive, dynamic Preschool–12 structure.

In addition to our core curriculum and classes, we offer a wide range of vibrant activities and events to our students, parents and faculty and staff members throughout the year--from community service opportunities to athletics, stage productions and celebrations of German, American and international cultural traditions.

Our students are taught to support one another and to respect one another’s backgrounds and points of view. Each member of our diverse community brings a slice of the world into the classroom. We encourage our students to think critically, use their imagination and creativity, and develop social responsibility as well as a passion for lifelong learning. Today’s GISSV students are prepared to be leaders in tomorrow’s global society.

GISSV is an exciting place. Come see for yourself.

Community Voices

Anne H., GISSV Mountain View Parent
We started our children at GISSV during pre-school. Since the world is shrinking we wanted them to have a second language which, speaking only English ourselves, we were unable to give them.
Matthew J., GISSV High School Student
For me, the GISSV is a place where two nations and cultures not only meet, but blend. Straddling these two worlds helped me to become a more open-minded, adaptable, and inquisitive individual who values collaboration and intellectual variety in and outside the classroom.
Titan Y., GISSV High School Student
As an American, I was surprised by the opening of a second door, not limited by the Ivy League anymore but having the possibility to study at technical universities in Germany. Only through the unique program offered at GISSV could I have such an open and promising future.
Jessica S., GISSV Alumna
I attended GISSV from 4th through 12th grade, as a native English speaker with no German background. Currently I am a Junior at Tufts University in MA studying Chemistry, and am employed by my school both as an undergraduate researcher in an organic chemistry laboratory, as well as a Head Tutor for general chemistry. I believe that I owe a good part of the success I have attained today to my time at GISSV.
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