Zweisprachige Schulbildung an zwei Standorten in der Bay Area

German Fast Track Program

Open to students entering GISSV in grades 5 and 6!

GISSV's German Fast Track program’s integrative design ensures that all German language learners feel genuinely welcomed and part of the class community right from the start.
Our approach empowers students to form friendships quickly, feeling emotionally and socially safe and secure.


Our Fast Track Teachers:

San Francisco Campus:
Stefanie Hintze

Mountain View Campus:
Sophia Angeles

My teacher Frau Angeles is nice and makes the weekly German classes interesting. I don’t feel alone and enjoy having classes with her. She provides tips, points out my problems, and really focuses on helping us if there’s something you don’t understand. She also joins my regular classes so she knows what we are learning and so it is easy to ask questions later.