Preschool-12 Dual Language Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

Mission & Values



Today’s GISSV Students
are Leaders in Tomorrow’s Global Community


Our Mission

GISSV inspires students from preschool through high school to become global citizens. We provide a multicultural dual-language environment that promotes responsibility, critical thinking and academic excellence. Our programs culminate in U.S. and German diplomas, preparing our graduates for worldwide opportunities.

The Guiding Principles of GISSV (Leitbild)

GISSV is a global school of different cultures, languages, and influences. It combines German, international, and bilingual school concepts so that students acquire a high degree of cultural openness, enabling them to study at the best universities in Germany, the U.S., and worldwide.

GISSV is a spirited and attractive school community from preschool to graduation - one that enthusiastically lives out its principles of tolerance, cooperation, team spirit, and participation, and in which everyone has a place and contributes to everyday school life.

GISSV is a visionary school, in which students and teachers think and work with an eye toward the future. New methods and technologies, as well as an innovative and supportive “pedagogical quality management”, continually improve student learning.

GISSV is a place where every student’s personality is embraced, promoted, and challenged according to his/her learning type in modern, stimulating, and differentiating surroundings.

GISSV is a cultural center in which every member of the school community has a place. Each member supports school life responsibly, individually, and with motivation, as well as takes part in it actively, with dedication and enthusiasm.

GISSV is a school community that grows and thrives on modern and functional campuses that cater to children, students, teachers, and parents. Attractive rooms and an environmentally friendly concept make positive, differentiated, and academic learning and teaching possible.

GISSV is deeply connected to its social surroundings. We strengthen the cooperation with other educational institutions and companies as well as their experts inside and outside of school.

GISSV is in an ongoing and self-critical development and evaluation process. Our quality is marked by German and American certifications, and secures a successful school career with the best degrees acknowledged worldwide.