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2nd Grade: Project Days
2nd Grade: Project Days

Our Mountain View 2nd graders went on an exciting around-the-world trip this week. During their project week, they got to know the continents of the southern hemisphere.

Written by Stefanie Joos, Elementary School Teacher

Brazil was our first destination on Tuesday, after packing our bags and getting our travel documents ready. The students learned a lot about the country and the people. They crafted a "God's Eye" which is made using traditional South American weaving. Afterwards the students got active in a Capoeira Workshop lead by the passionate teacher Malcome of Capoeria Irmandade. The students got introduced to this Brazilian mix of martial arts, dance, music, and acrobatics.

Africa was next on our agenda, where the students got introduced to traditional West African drums and dance, taught by Keith Hames of Akoma Arts.

Australia was our last stop on Friday. Here, we learned about Aboriginal culture, the geography, and the local animals. Our highlight was playing a real 4ft long Didgeridoo and making traditional dot art paintings