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Teacher Athletes at GISSV
Teacher Athletes at GISSV

Our GISSV coaches don't just coach athletics, they are athletes!

Kate Jungnickel

Kate Jungnickel (Elementary teacher, ES/MS soccer coach) took first place in the recent Livermore Red Kite Criterium - a high-intensity bike race with multiple laps around a city block. She took first place on an exciting solo breakaway from the peloton. The win gave her enough points to upgrade to the even more demanding CAT 3.

Marina Glaus

Coach Marina Glaus is not only a great coach and Elementary School teacher, she is a winning runner! Her recent accomplishments include:

  • 1st female, 2nd overall in the Golden Gate Trail Half Marathon (Feb 10), 13.1mi with 2500 ft elevation through beautiful Marin Headlands. 1st female,
  • 2nd overall in the Fire Drill 5k (March 3) at Mountain View Shoreline Park.
  • 2nd female, 5th overall in the Marin Ultra Trail Challenge (March 10): 25k with 3750 ft elevation, steep and hilly Marin Headlands in lots of fog.

We're very excited to have such champions as part of the GISSV sport and academic programs!