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Bike-to-School & Green Day
Bike-to-School & Green Day

GISSV joined the National Bike-to-School Day and many students, parents, teachers and staff members enthusiastically took part.

After our San Francisco community participated in the city wide Bike-to-School Day event last month, our Mountain View and East Bay students, parents, teachers and staff members attended the National Bike to School Day yesterday.

Upon arrival at school, they were greeted with special surprise on each campus: Lemonade (with freshly picked lemons at school) and raffle tickets at the East Bay campus and tickets for a special smoothie in Mountain View (read on below).

Many thanks to everyone who biked or walked, scooted or skated to school and took the opportunity to contribute to a cleaner environment, healthy habits, awareness for traffic safety and reduction of traffic. And a special thank you to the GISSV Green Team!


Smoothies Made by the Power of a Bike!?
Written by Mountain View student Mila Quiñonero Koch (grade 9)

Wednesday was National Bike to School Day. We used this opportunity to host our first "Green Day". 65 Students biked, and over 80 students found an eco-friendly way to come to our Mountain View campus. Each of these students got a ticket which they could then use to pick up a smoothie produced with our cool new bike blender!

In addition to that, every student with a waste-free lunch got to choose a different prize. We had a whopping 63 Students bring lunches with no waste whatsoever! We are planning on hosting more exciting Green Days in the future. It was a fun day, and we hope more students will be inspired to use a little less trash and find an environmentally friendly way of coming to school. It's not that hard to go one step at a time.