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Career and Higher Education Orientation
Career and Higher Education Orientation

In the course of our Career and Higher Education Orientation (BeSO) 11th graders talked to a GISSV alumni about his experiences at a German university.

Written by Sarah Kuehberger, grade 11

Yesterday, the GISSV's 11th graders had a special visit at the Mountain View campus from alumni Maurice Hage, who graduated in 2014. Maurice currently studies electrical engineering at the Technical University Berlin and informed the students about his experience of attending a German university. Students not only learned about the independence and rigorous curriculums university students encounter, but also about programs such as MINT, which encourages the studying of different university fields before choosing a final major.

The 11th grade students would like to thank Maurice for taking the time to talk about his university experience, and making the forthcoming independent life seem less daunting.