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Celebration of Earth Month at San Francisco Kibili
Celebration of Earth Month at San Francisco Kibili

Our San Francisco kindergarteners kicked off Earth Month with a special book reading and pea planting.

The Kindergarten class kicked off April as Earth Month with a special book reading right after spring break. Allie Summers, mother of Zuri (K) and author of "Gorilla Gardeners" brought her German translator, Anna Koopmann, to read "Die Gorilla-Gärtner" to the Papageien Group. The story is about two children observing actual gorillas secretly planting flowers in their little town at night. They inspire the kids to take better care of their town and help the plants and flowers grow.

After the reading, the Kibili students had the opportunity to ask questions. They asked Allie, for example, how it felt to write a story and how Anna had thought of the two German names for the kids.

Then the Papageien planted seeds from a pea plant using compost that had been donated by the Presidio from the Garden Coordinator and Head of Sustainability, Jean Koch. It came from the very compost pile that kids had visited in the fall on their field trip. Back then they had helped feed the compost worms coffee grinds from the Warming Hut. This created a nice circle. The children will take care of their pea plants at Kibili and patiently watch them grow during this Earth Month.

Thank you to Allie and Anna for the wonderful visit and to Jean Koch for the compost!