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Experts in the Classroom
Experts in the Classroom

GISSV Mountain View's 11th graders were pleased to welcome special guests Enrico Mund and Martina Hengge–professionals with United Nations (UN) experience.

Every year, GISSV's 11th grade students participate in a class which provides them with information and suggestions relevant to their future: Career and Higher Education Orientation (Berufs- und Studienorientierung = BeSO). Designed to allow them insight into life after the DIA exam and high school diploma, it provides students with guidance for their choice of studies and career.

An integral part of this experience are special guests who share their education and professional experiences with students, giving them the direct opportunity to learn more about the professional world and network with people from interesting fields of work.

As part of our BeSO program, our 11th graders were pleased to welcome special guests Enrico Mund and Martina Hengge last week–professionals with United Nations (UN) experience.

After the speakers shared their college experiences they gained in Germany and other countries, they talked about the many different job opportunities the United Nations in Geneva offers. It turned out that the UN does not only employ political scientists, but also engineers, physicists, and economists!

The students would like to thank Mr. Erico Mund and Mrs. Martina Hengge for taking the time to share their valuable experiences and for showing that the choice of major in university does not limit future opportunities.