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GISSV Participates in Students for Green High Schools Conference
GISSV Participates in Students for Green High Schools Conference

Our GISSV Green Team attended the Green High Schools Conference and brought back some ideas for our school.

By Mila Quiñonero Koch, Grade 9

The Students for Green High Schools Conference is an annual gathering organized solely by students from Los Altos High School to offer students participating in the green teams at their school the chance to share their struggles and ideas.

This year, on Saturday, January 27, over 70 students met at the Google campus. For the first time ever, GISSV was also represented.

Out of 13 student presentations and presentations by Sierra Garcia (Students for Sustainability at Stanford) and Margie Suazzo (Green Town Los Altos and Sustainability Mountain View), here are the ideas mentioned that I found most interesting and relevant:

  • Publish a "Green Tip of the Week" in the Friday Folder.
  • "Our City Forest" Is an organization planting trees all around cities in the Bay Area. They accept Middle and High School volunteers.
  • Many green teams have someone professional speak to students (e.g. someone from Tesla).
  • Donuts are a great motivational aid!
  • It makes sense to partner with the city of Mountain View, since they can offer support and funding for our school.
  • Giving out tickets to people who walk or bike to school on specific days. These tickets can then be swapped for snacks and drinks at lunch time.
  • Having the whole school vote on big projects the Green Team is thinking of in order to have the whole school be involved.
  • Also, did you know that Los Altos High School is a Zero Waste School? They do not have any landfill bins on their campus!

The GISSV Green Team and Eco-Committee are considering all these ideas. We'll keep you updated on any of these cool Ideas we implement!!

In general, I found it impressive that this conference was only organized by students, and how the green teams at other schools are also lead by students. Our school is definitely heading in a very good direction! We have already done many of the things other schools are also doing.