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GISSV's Fall Sports Season Came to a Close
GISSV's Fall Sports Season Came to a Close

The season came to a close this week and we congratulate all 39 student-athletes who have participated in competitive team sports since August - MS Cross Country, MS Volleyball, HS Volleyball.

MS Girls Volleyball Team - Placing 2nd in the Small Schools Intermediate League

Congratulations to the MS Girls Volleyball Team on their winning season and placing 2nd in the Small Schools Intermediate League! While their toughest opponent, Charles Armstrong School, put one loss on their record in a close final match, the Eagles' can end the season proud that their overall record of 5-1 matches that of the 1st place team. It looks like the start of a healthy volleyball rivalry with Charles Armstrong School! Many of the GISSV girls were new to the sport, but the games proved that they are strong athletes, with a knack for good serves... AND good humor! Great job Team! And great job to all the parents for helping to get the team to and from the games and cheering them on!

MS Cross Country Team - Second Place in Championship Race

Congratulations to the MS Cross Country Team on the completion of their season and performing very well in the October 24th Championship Race. The Boys Team placed 2nd Place out of 8 teams and Kaspar T. (7b) took 2nd overall with a time of 10:45. Special mention goes to Eli G. (5b) for placing 4th and Kai P. (8a) for placing 5th in a field of 101 runners. On the girls' team, Clara G. (7a) came in 8th in a field of 77 runners. Eighteen of our 21 GISSV runners qualified for the Championship race through 3 preliminary races in September and October at the Crystal Springs Course in Belmont. Much praise and congratulations to Coach Marina Glaus for giving us another successful year of Cross Country at GISSV and for growing the program to what it is today! Many thanks as well to the parents for helping with snacks and transportation (to distant Belmont) and to Lea Pohlmann for her assistance with trainings and at the Championship Race.

HS Girls Volleyball Team - A winning season (4-3)

Congratulations to the HS Girls Volleyball Team for their winning season (4-3) and especially for the three thrilling matches played in the past week! The team's level of play progressed throughout the season, but the final matches truly demonstrated a level of play that GISSV volleyball has not seen before. We saw strong communication, consistent 5-1 system setting and hitting, excellent serving, quick heads-up plays and more than a few bursts of pure jaw-dropping athleticism to keep a rally alive. The girls truly found their rhythm and team-play over the course of a short season. If they at times got flustered or went down in points, as all teams do, they showed the defining characteristic of a truly strong team - the emotional stamina to rally themselves, regain focus and get back in the game. In short, in the 7 years that I've been part of GISSV volleyball as either Athletic Director or coach, this year's team has come the farthest in delivering a level of play that we've always wanted to see. They are now the standard and motivation for continued growth in GISSV's volleyball program. The credit is all theirs and they can be very proud! Finally, thank you to all the parent support in making transportation possible and being passionate fans at the matches!

~Michael Rolufs, Athletics Director (Mountain View Campus)