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Junior Voting Day
Junior Voting Day

GISSV's 6th to 12th grade students participated in the "Juniorwahl 2017" - a project that fosters political thinking amongst students and shows the importance of taking action in the democratic process.

Written by Katrina Hauser, Katharina Staehr, Julia Kempf, Ingrid Hess & Sarah Kuehberger (grade 11)

On Wednesday, September 20, the GISSV Mountain View students from grade 6 to 12 had the opportunity to partake in the Junior Voting Day that takes place every four years. The Junior Voting is a simulation of the Voting Process for the German election that German schools worldwide participate in. In anticipation of this event, all classes learned about the political parties of Germany and the government system, in order to know which parties best supported their views.

In order to mimic a typical voting procedure, polling stations were set up and volunteers overwatched the reticent process. Although the votes don't officially count, the results are sent to Germany to help give the parties and the German government an insight into the political leanings of today's youth.

The results (81.5% voter turnout):

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