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Meeting Contemporary Witnesses
Meeting Contemporary Witnesses

Over the past week, GISSV's High School students were on different field trips that allowed them to amplify their knowledge of World War II and the Holocaust.

Written by Kimi J. (10b)

On October 29, students from 10th, 11th and 12th grade had the opportunity to attend the reading of a new German book called "Zwischen uns ein ganzes Leben" at the German General Consulate. This book by Melanie Levensohn is about a woman trying to discover what happened to a family member, after she disappeared during the Holocaust. Additionally, Anne Marie Yellen, who was a hidden child jew during World War II, was present to talk about her experiences during this time and her position on the development within society today. She retold her moving story, involving fleeing back and forth between European countries before finally escaping abroad, to San Francisco. Her message she wants to spread is to be tolerant and inclusive to prevent history from repeating itself.

Then on November 5, 10th grade students explored more stories by witnesses of the Holocaust thanks to the online archive of the Cecil H. Green Library in Stanford. For two hours, students were able to watch recorded interviews of contemporary witnesses, enabling them to gain more insight into life during World War II and the Holocaust. "Having actual people tell their stories was an eye-opening experience.", said one student, "It's different from when you only only have the facts laid out like in class."