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Presidio Trail Run 2018
Presidio Trail Run 2018

GISSV students, parents, and teachers participated in the Presidio Trail Run and our San Francisco students had the honor of leading the general public warm up for this event!

Written by Daniela Gibson, GISSV Site Director San Francisco

After runners finished at Sunday's Presidio Trail Run, someone said "Wow, those GISSV Runners are really fast!" Yes, we have fast runners. But more importantly, we have a great community that loves to be active and spend time with other GISSV families on a Sunday morning. Kudos to the many Mountain View families who drove up to participate and join the many San Francisco families. Runner had a choice between the 1.5 mile course, the 5k, and the 10k, all winding through the beautiful Presidio. It was a beautiful day and truly inspirational to see our youngest members finish the 1.5 mile and elementary school students growing in confidence as they ran the longer courses.

Here are some runners from our San Francisco and Mountain View campuses who did very well:

Girls 5k: 2nd place Emma M.
Youth 1.5mi: 1st place Nico P., 3rd place Omar B.
Youth 5k: 1st place Tim A., 2nd place Maximilian M.
Youth 10k: 1st place Kaspar T., 2nd place Joachim F., 3rd place Kilian F., 4th place Jona Z.
Youth 10k: 1st place Amelie St.-N.
Woman 5k: 2nd place Sophia G.
Woman 10k: 2nd place Daniela Gibson, GISSV Site Director San Francisco
5k overall 1st place: Marina Glaus, GISSV Elementary School Teacher


We are already looking forward to the 2019 Presidio Trail Run!