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Return to Glory!
Return to Glory!

In the Staff/Parent vs HS Soccer Team rematch last Friday, the Staff/Parent Team won the match in end-of-regulation shootouts.

Written by Michael Rolufs, Athletics Director

In the Staff/Parent vs HS Soccer Team rematch last Friday, the Staff/Parent Team was able to come back from a 3-0 deficit to finally win the match in end-of-regulation shootouts.

In the absence of a motivating half-time rally (most players were too busy lying down or sucking on their water bottles), the elderly players had no choice but to summon their inner 20-year-old selves to stage their 2nd-half comeback. Fortunately, as the half progressed, the HS Team seemed to hit the wall of exhaustion that Staff/Parents have been acquainted with for years. By the end of the half, the score was 4-4. Goals by Staff/Parent Team players Jack Arnold, Sinan Kazan and Dirk Lueth, and a multitude of miraculous saves by goalie Sebastian Geus, prevented a repeat of the last-minute February 23rd loss to the High Schoolers.

The two teams wisely opted to avoid overtime and went straight to a "shoot-out" from the 11-meter mark at the end of regulation time. Sebastian Geus, still guzzling from his inner fountain of youth, stepped up and blocked 3 of the 5 High School shots and the Staff/Parent Team emerged victorious! German-American diplomatic negotiations are underway to extend Sebastian Geus' contract for the foreseeable future.

A huge thanks to the HS Team for making their elders fight to their limits to earn this victory. Applause for all the staff and parents who played and for all the fans who cheered both sides on! We're all looking forward to the next game in the near future!

Photos courtesy of Michael Joehren.