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San Francisco Campus Kibili Alphabet Poster
San Francisco Campus Kibili Alphabet Poster

The sweet origin story of the newly created alphabet poster....

Written by San Francisco parent Alex Ewers

The Kibili children were asking how to spell this or that and beginning to spell their own names and identify letters, so a group of mom's tasked to create an art project for the first GISSV Auction Fundraiser thought a piece of ABC art would be the perfect auction item from GISSV's youngest students! With the help of San Francisco Kibili teachers Jana Buechel and Barbara Troy, the "ABC auf Deutsch" project began. Gesa Tiemann (mom to Quinton in Kibili) and Alex Ewers (mom to Henrik in Kibili and Kirian in 3rd grade) sat with the 13 Kibili students who lent their fingers, toes, hands and feet. Carla da Silva Moulton (mom to Lucas in Kibili and Isa in 1st grade) then brought the animals to life with her artistic talents! Each student created 2 letters and they are all so proud of their animals! The original piece of art was sold at the auction and was donated back to the Kibili classroom for all to enjoy!

We were all so enamored by the whimsical animals that the idea to create a poster was born. With the help of the GISSV Marketing team, the "ABC auf Deutsch" poster can now be shared!

The Alphabet Poster is available in our GISSV Store.