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The World of Art through Children's Eyes
The World of Art through Children's Eyes

Our afternoon Kibili art class in Mountain View presented great pieces of art they created in the previous semester to the school community.

Written by Silvia Eckelmann, Kibili Teacher

Who ist Henri Matisse and can we really paint our own famous lily pond like Monet did? We have dealt with these and other questions during our art class every Monday afternoon. The children went on an exciting and, above all, active journey through various epochs of art history, famous artists and art techniques. They experienced art as something exciting and something beautiful that gives them pleasure. There is an artist in every child- and we woke them up!

All the wonderful art pieces were kept secretly until the day of the great art exhibition. The little artists were nervous to present their expression of art to the public but there was no need to: the audience was impressed what already the little ones can create! It was a pleasure to see how proud the children were and how the sparkling in their eyes grew bigger and bigger with each compliment for their art.

That could be the start to a great new tradition at GISSV and we are very happy to be part of it!