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GISSV Model United Nation Club Tackles International Issues at EBMUN
GISSV Model United Nation Club Tackles International Issues at EBMUN

Congrats to our Model United Nations Club!

By student authors: Francis B. (10a), Théo B. (10a) and Carmen R. (10b)

SAN RAMON -On December 1, 2018 our school's very own Model United Nations Club embarked on an hour-long drive to California High School, located in San Ramon, in order to partake in the annual East Bay Model United Nations conference. Model United Nations conferences encourage students to step into the shoes of world class diplomats and simulate similar debates, about pressing international issues, that take place in the United Nations today.

In preparation of participating in this very exciting experience, the MUN club members had to hone their debating and public speaking skills. Months prior, the members of the GISSV MUN met every Wednesday from 2:00-3:35 PM to discuss current issues that need to be solved around the world. From substance abuse to climate change, these students focused on proposing resolutions to many important topics and have learned to follow the rules of debate set forth by the United Nations.

As participants of an MUN conference, delegates are separated into different committees that exist in the United Nations as well. A prime example is the World Health Organization that strives to improve equity in health, where Théo B. (10a), was able to represent Sweden, and Francis B. (10a) Mexico. In a fruitful debate, these two were able to find multiple resolutions to the issues of increasing access to medicine and the impact of climate change on infectious diseases. The two claim to have found a new understanding of solving issues.

In the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM), Carmen R. (10b) took part in discussion on an issue that is very much prevalent today being finding ways the UN can work toward to protect individuals of the LGBT community on an international scope.

Lastly, Finn L. (11) and Julian B. (12a) partook in the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), where they represented Mexico and Sweden respectively. The topics discussed here were regulation of directed energy weapons (lasers) and standardization of airport security. Due to his compelling arguments and well-structured points, Julian received an honorable mention for being an outstanding speaker.

Although over half of the participants from the GISSV were novices going into this conference, all of them were able to enjoy the experience despite the initial nervousness. They are all looking forward to their next conference SCVMUN, which will take place on January 25-26 2018, in San Jose.

Of course none of this could've taken place without the help of Mr. Lentzen, who cheered the students on in San Ramon. Therefore the MUN Team would like to thank him wholeheartedly.