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Math Olympics 2018/19 Results
Math Olympics 2018/19 Results

News Flash: The winners of the third round of the 2018/19 Math Olympics have been announced.

Our students won 2nd and 3rd place in the third round ("Länderrunde"/state level) of this years Math Olympics (Matheolympiade). Congratulations to:

2nd prize:

Johann J. (grade 5)
Toshi J. (grade 7)

3rd prize:

Francis B. (grade 10)


Isabella J. (grade 6)
Tobias V. (grade 6)
Fay P. (grade 8)

Out of 39 GISSV 3rd-10th graders from both our campuses starting into the first round (school level) 8 students participated eventually in round 3 ("Länderrunde"/state level).

Well done everyone!