Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

German Podcasters at GISSV San Francisco
German Podcasters at GISSV San Francisco

Excited to have German podcasters Kristina, Kati, Kalifornia interview our very own Daniela Gibson, Director of GISSV San Francisco Campus!

Their mission is to take a look behind the scenes of the myth of Silicon Valley from a German perspective, discuss current trends and what it is like living in the Bay Area.

Listen in as Daniela Gibson shares about her journey as a German in the U.S. and Bay Area on

🎙"Folge 19: Zurück in der Schule – Hallo, Daniela Gibson"

Thank you to Wunderbar Together for providing us the platform to connect with other project partners around the U.S. such as the great podcast team of Kristina, Kati, Kalifornia!

PS: They also recorded sessions with German Consul General Hans-Ulrich Südbeck as well as GISSV San Francisco parent and Board member Katharina Schmidt:

"Im Auftrag Der Bundesregierung: Hallo, Generalkonsul Hans-Ulrich Südbeck"

"Folge 17: Folge 17: Executive Coaching & Leadership – Hallo, Katharina Schmidt"