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Theater Club Performance at San Francisco History Days
Theater Club Performance at San Francisco History Days

Our GISSV San Francisco campus Theater Club performed at San Francisco's huge "History Days" celebration.

GISSV's San Francisco campus Theater Club made unprecedented history last weekend. For the first time ever the club performed on a public stage, bringing history to life amidst a huge gathering of San Francisco history aficionados!

Ida G., Zoey M., Ellie W-K., Zoe C., and Amelie S-N. portrayed five turn-of-the-century (100 years go) San Francisco youths facing down the real estate shenanigans of and broaches of morality by their supposed betters in a "based on real events" tale written specially for the San Francisco Historical Society by Theater Club leader David Giesen. The play was presented at the city's annual San Francisco History Days whoop-di-do at the Old Mint in downtown San Francisco.

The young actors held their own in the large performance space, delivering convincing impersonations of youths from another era when working-class speech was perhaps less grammatical, but dramatically quaint. "I couldn't be prouder of their quick study of the script, and of their character enthusiasm," Giesen remarked.