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Artificial Intelligence: Experts in the Classroom

Artificial Intelligence: Experts in the Classroom

Our 10th graders got support in their research on the global classroom project "Artificial Intelligence" by experts from Daimler-Benz.

On Friday, grade 10 welcomed the first experts for their research on Artificial Intelligence, a global classroom project with the Beatrix College in the Netherlands. Thomas Weiss and Rigel Smiroldo from Daimler-Benz spent an hour with the students to discuss the concepts and benefits of machine learning in cars and the future of autonomous driving. Thanks for stopping by!

As a joint endeavor, students from Beatrix College and GISSV will work in project groups to pursue different research questions regarding the influence of artificial intelligence on education, jobs, medicine, and human society as a whole. This cross-continent, cross-curricular project will focus on the economical, ethical, and societal implications of this cutting-edge field.

If you are an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence, or know someone who is, please contact Jenny Jungeblut ( We would love to have you or your referral as our interview partner and research source!