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Bilingual Writing Contest 2019

Bilingual Writing Contest 2019

The bilingual writing contest at GISSV Mountain View is an annual favorite among many of our teachers and students.

Once again, our German and English departments worked closely together and invited all elementary and middle school students to use their imagination and explore creative writing skills at this year's bilingual writing contest.

Our 2nd to 8th graders wrote their fictional stories based on a picture within a 90-minute time frame, and a jury of parents volunteers had the challenging task to select the winners.

At award ceremonies in the multipurpose room yesterday, the finalists have been announced and the first place winners presented their stories to their peers.

Congratulations to our finalists, and thank you to everyone who participated!

German Writing Contest finalists (per grade):

2a - 1st: Emily F. | 2nd: Leni H.
2b - 1st: Sonya K. | 2nd: Emma R.
3a - 1st: Elisa Sch. | 2nd: Julian Q.
3b - 1st: Lilani W. | 2nd: Philip R.
4a - 1st: Luca K. | 2nd: Sophie S.
4b -1st: Jette Sch. | 2nd: Mathilde S.

5th - 1st: Emma M. | 2nd: Emma L. | 3rd: Avyana G.
6th - 1st: Isabella J. | 2nd: Tobias V. | 3rd: Summer W.
7th - 1st: Frieda C. | 2nd: Julie B. | 3rd: Rosa B.
8th - 1st: Katharina S. | 2nd: Lena N. | 3rd: Faye P.

English Writing Contest finalists (per grade):

3a - 1st: Werner W. | 2nd: Julian Q.
3b - 1st: Daniel McK. | 2nd: Alexander Y.
4a - 1st: Sara R. | 2nd: William K.
4b - 1st: Naveen K. | 2nd: Mathilde S.

5th - 1st: Emma M. | 2nd: Sonia Q. K. | 3rd: Avyana G.
6th - 1st: Sonia B. | 2nd: Lucy B. | 3rd: Mila T.
7th- 1st: Hauke R. | 2nd: Raphael B. | 3rd: Nils F.
8th- 1st: Kai B. | 2nd: Coralie A. | 3rd: Emir D.

Thank you to all the colleagues who helped to organize and carry out this year's writing contest and to the jurors for their time and support.