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GISSV San Francisco Students in Kiel

Our 7th graders joined forces with students from Kiel working on a shared science project on the impact of climate change on coastal cities.

Together with teacher Martin Bormeister and accompanied by two parents GISSV San Francisco 7th graders spent last week in Kiel* joining forces with students from their partner school, the Max-Planck-Schule (MPS), in Kiel. Together they worked on a shared science project on the impact of climate change on coastal cities.

in partnership with the GEOMAR, Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, the students of the two schools worked on a project regarding Environmental Protection, Global Warming, and Sea-Level Rise.

The students fished plankton from the Schwentine (Baltic Sea) during an excursion to examine the samples under a microscope. In addition, they simulated the water movement of the North and Baltic Seas with the help of plexiglas models or researched various climate models on the Internet. They heard a lecture on "Consequences of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea", made excursions to Tönning and Sankt Peter-Ording and visited the Kiel Museum Bridge and the Maritime Museum.

Invited by Mayor (Stadtpräsident) Hans-Werner Tovar eventually the students presented their research results on Friday in Kiel's city hall.

Kieler Nachrichten:


*Established in 2017 Kiel, Germany is one of San Francisco's 18 Sister Cities around the world. (

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