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Innovative GISSV Students Develop Carpool Platform

Innovative GISSV Students Develop Carpool Platform

Congratulations to our GISSV students, Nicolas and Julian, on their launch of their carpool setup platform called "Shlingl"

Over the past year, two GISSV 12th graders, Nicolas Schapeler and Julian Bouchard, have been working on a solution to ease the parking and commute problems often encountered by so many schools in the area.

The students created their own carpool setup platform called "Shlingl".

"We came up with it through an adaption of the German phrase 'Sich durch den Verkehr schlängeln (sounding like schlingeln in some dialects)', meaning sliding through traffic in English, which is what we hope to empower people to do with our solution," explains Julian.

The platform works by displaying other Shlingl-registered families that live near you and attend the same school. The idea is to offer otherwise unknown carpool and ride sharing options. It can be accessed at and registration is only open to persons with a special access code in order to keep user information private. The code can be requested by sending a simple email to (code will follow after verification of school relationship). The platform is now available to students and parents of the GISSV Mountain View Campus.

"We hope that this platform will be helpful in reducing traffic, helping the environment, and making the commute experience more enjoyable" states Nicolas.

We at GISSV are proud of our innovative students!

PS: In November 2017 researchers from the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research visited GISSV Mountain View to collect data for a larger GlobalDAS research project. In this context, the students were interviewed about their startup:

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