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Student Awards 2018I19

Student Awards 2018I19

GISSV Mountain View students received awards for special academic and athletic achievements. Congratulations!

With end of the school year 2018I19, GISSV Mountain View students received awards for special academic and athletic achievements. Every school year, a growing number of GISSV students participate in competitions of various disciplines, including math, IT, geography, German, Spanish, French, English and sports, resulting in a remarkable number of awards this year (see below).

Congratulations to all!

A special Thank You goes to: SMV (Lara K. and Max-Lenny W.), Eco Team and volunteers!

Special recognition of students with an average of 1,4 (GPA ~3.5) or better:
Vincent E. (5a), Anna K. (5a), Emma L. (5a), Sascha P. (5a), Sonia Q. K. (5a), Valerie S. (5a), Silja F. (5b), Johannes N. (5b), Helena Q. (5b), Isabella J. (6a), Elena B. M. (6b), Anna P. (6b), Tobias V. (6b), Frieda K. (7a), Luisa-Sphie Q. (7a), Felicia A. (7b), Luana C. (7b), Julie B. (7b), Toshiyuki J. (7b), Ida K. (8a), Sebastian M. (8a), Lara Sch. (8a), Katharina St. (8a), Lena N. (8b), Fay P. (8b), Antonia B. (9a), Raphael F. (9b), Mory N. (9b), Mathieu Sch. (9b), Francis B. (10a), Mila Q. K. (10a), Laura F. (10b), Kimi J. (10b), Alina L. (10b), Helena M. (10b), Carmen R. (10b), Paul Z. (11)



AATF Grand Concours
Plaque Platinum: Fay P. (8b)
Gold: Nina B. (8a), Ida K. (8a), Sebastian M. (8a), Hanna D. (8b), Antonia B. (9a), Mory N. (9b), Valentine D. (10a), Mila Q.K. (10a), Laura F. (10b), Kimi K. (10b), Alina L. (10b)
Silver: Hauke R. (7a), Julie B. (7b), Toshi J. (7b), Coralie A. (8a), Katrina H. (8a), Javier L. (8a), Banu A. (8b), Lena N. (8b), Raphael F. (9b), Magdalena N. (9a), Francis B. (10a), Carmen R. (10b), Marc F. (12)
Bronze: Joachim F. (7a), Salma M. (7a), Louisa-Sophie Q. (7a), Sarina C. (7b), Anton Sch. A. (7b), Lea H. (8a), Kai P. (8a), Luca W. (8a), Emir D. (8b), Mila B. (9a), Emilia H. (10a), Zoe P. (12)

AATSP National Spanish Exam
Silver: Katharina St. (8a), Milo B. (8b), Helena M. (10), Marc F. (12), Lara K. (12)
Bronze: Frieda C. (7a), Sofia D.L. (7b), Mara D. (11), Kim Sophie B. (12), Ryan H. (12)

Regional French Poetry Contest/Le Concours de Poésie (Read on here)
1st Prize: Fay P. (8b)

GLSC Schreibwettbewerb
3rd Prize: Sonia B. (6b)

GISSV Story Writing Contest
Read on here.

MUN Awards
Read on here and here.


Competition "Mathematik Olympiade, Landesrunde"
2nd Place: Johann J. (5c), Toshiyuki J. (7b)
3rd Place: Francis B. (10a)

Math Competition "Mathematik ohne Grenzen Junior" (Read on here)
3rd Place: 5b

Math Competition "Känguru der Mathematik"
1st Place: Paul P. (3b), Ole A. (4c), Spencer T. (4c), Tobias V. (6b), Toshiyuki J. (7b)
2nd Place: Alexander Y. (3b), Hassan M. (4a), Mátyás V. (6a)
3rd Place: Xaver C. (5b), Joachim F. (7a), Julie B. (7b), Ida K. (8a)

IT Competition "Informatik Biber"
1st Place: Hassan M. (4a), Amir E. (5b)
2nd Place: Katherine G. (4a), Katherine G. (4a), William K. (4a), Sara R.G. (4a), Juna Sch. (4a), Julie B. (7b), Kai F. (7b)(

Other STEM

Geography Competition "Diercke-Wettbewerb"
1st Prize at GISSV/Schulsieger and 7th place schools abroad: Luca Z. (8b)

MS Boys Soccer Team: Champions! (Read on here)
MS Girls Soccer Team: 1st time in playoffs
MS Cross Country Team: Boys Team 2nd place | "Outstanding Runner 2019": Caspar T.
HS Soccer Team | Special mention: Kimi J. for team management

ABRSM exams: Noah A. (3a), André P. (3b), Tobin P. (5a), Pablo Q.K. (7b), Kai P. (8a), Magdalena N. (9a)
Trinity exams: Pascal R. (3b), André P. (3b), Katherine G. (4a), Tobin P. (5a), Eric S. (7a), Javier L. (8a), Banu A. (8b), Kai P. (8a), Alina L. (10b)