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30th Anniversary of the German Reunification

30th Anniversary of the German Reunification

On Friday, October 2, we had an exceptional online event to celebrate this momentous occasion. Thank you to guest speaker: eyewitness Mario Röllig!




We explored what Reunification means through the amazing eyewitness Mario Röllig, and had a special message from General Consul Südbeck:

Historically and emotionally, the topic of unification is even more relevant today.

Mario Röllig

Röllig lectures and gives tours at the Hohenschönhausen Memorial Museum, the former Stasi prison in Berlin, and is a member of the Association for the Victims of Stalinism (VOS).

1987, at the age of 19, he attempted flight from the GDR and was incarcerated in Hohenschönhausen after being arrested in Hungary. After the Federal Republic of Germany purchased his freedom in 1988 he experienced the German Reunification from West Germany a few years later. 


Thank you as well to Stefanie Wenk from GISSV’s history department who organized and presented the event and prepared a video to give an historical overview, to our GISSV orchestras that played the German and European anthems, and Head of School Kathrin Röschel and Board President Cornelia Bohle-Neubrand for their words.

“30 years, 30 voices, 30 videos” - A Project by the German Consulates in the US

The consulate(s) will continue their online celebrations with a launch on October 4, of their "30 Years, 30 Voices, 30 Videos" campaign. Thirty people were chosen who play a vital role in promoting German-American friendship and offer a unique experience during Reunification. Our Head of School Kathrin Röschel is deeply honored to have been selected to participate as one of their "30". You can view a sneak preview of the video here. Each day they will release a new video on all of their social media channels. (Stay tuned on their channels here: Facebook /  Instagram /  LinkedIn.)