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A Celebration of Democracy: 75 Jahre Grundgesetz

A Celebration of Democracy: 75 Jahre Grundgesetz

Our History Department hosted a memorable celebration to mark the 75th anniversary of the German Basic Law (Grundgesetz).

The event was a resounding success, drawing in community members and friends who joined us in honoring this significant milestone.

We were privileged to have Professor Dr. Sheehan (emeritus) from Stanford as our main speaker. His profound insights into the Grundgesetz captivated the audience and highlighted its crucial role as a cornerstone of democracy and participation in Germany. We were also honored to hear from the German Consul Kerstin Klee, Head of School Gerald Miebs, and Board President Dr. Horst Groesser, each of whom shared their reflections on this landmark occasion.

Throughout May, students from grades 1-11, under the guidance of our dedicated teachers, explored the remarkable history and success of the Basic Law. Their hard work culminated in a showcase of impressive research projects by our 10th and 11th graders on the different articles of the Basic Law, which were a highlight of the evening.

An interesting Q&A followed, providing further depth and engagement for all attendees. The evening was beautifully complemented by music and orchestra, adding an elegant touch to the celebration.

This anniversary is not just a date; it's a celebration of the enduring principles of democracy. Thank you to our History Department and everyone who participated and made the evening unforgettable!



As part of the exhibition, participants were asked to complete the sentence: "Typisch Deutsch für mich ist ... " (For me, typically German is... ). Here are some of the responses that were given:

  • Bier, Wurst // Beer, sausage
  • Wandern gehen // Going hiking
  • Mittagsruhe / Ruhezeiten, z.B., wann man den Rasenmäher nutzen darf // Midday rest / Quiet times, e.g., when you are allowed to use the lawnmower
  • Sonntagsruhe - alle Läden sind zu // Sunday rest - all shops are closed
  • Der echte (nicht aus Plastik) Tannenbaum mit Lametta. "Früher war mehr Lametta" 😉 (Loriot) // The real (not plastic) Christmas tree with tinsel.
  • Stoßlüften, Fenster auf Kipp // Ventilating by opening the windows wide, or tilting them
  • Kaffee und Kuchen // Coffee and cake
  • Sauna // Sauna
  • Pünktlichkeit - außer die Deutsche Bahn // Punctuality - except for the trains of the German railroad company Deutsche Bahn
  • Hefeklöße // Yeast dumplings
  • Streuselkuchen // Crumb cake
  • Berliner / Pfannkuchen / Krapfen // Jelly-filled doughnuts
  • Volksmusik // German folk music
  • Normen und Gesetze // Norms and laws
  • Knorr Suppen // Knorr soups