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Adopt Whisman Park Project Startet

Adopt Whisman Park Project Startet

Organized by GISSV's Green Team, students from grades 5-10 help clean up MV Whisman Park and the middle school alley.

From funds raised at a special initiative on our German Holiday Market 2021, GISSV's Eco-School team, the Green Team, bought gloves, trash pickers, and buckets for their newest project.

The team organized a special clean up project on our Mountain View Campus and the neighboring park: On a 10-week cycle students from grades 5-10 pick up trash on Whisman field, the basketball court, the middle school alley, or along Stevens Creek Trail.

Members of the Green Team teach their peers how it works. 

...and the work of our students gets noticed. Recently the school received the following - very encouraging - message from a neighbor via email: 

" I am a teacher at [...] Elementary School in Mountain View.  On my evening walk, I often pass your school and the park surrounding it.  

As I was walking my dog today...I noticed a group of kids filming a video.  The scene looked very interesting so I investigated. I approached the kids and asked what they were up to.  They immediately sprang into dialogue that spoke of a project and teaching younger kids about picking up trash.

I want you to know how articulate, kind, respectful, and eager to help out the community your kiddos are.  It makes me feel as if there might be a chance for the future of our country and our world.  Thank you for teaching your students to take on meaningful projects and to be so cool!   You are very appreciated." David [...] 



*pictured: Class 6a was one of the first classes who picked up trash. Fun Fact: Three members of the Green Team are 6a students (Elisa, Mia, Elisabeth).