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AI Project Week 2022I23

AI Project Week 2022I23

Last week, our 10th graders explored the world of AI through an interdisciplinary project that combines ethics, economics, and IT.

Students put their knowledge to the test by creating startup ideas that utilize AI to solve problems. They presented their ideas in the form of a pitch deck, detailing how their product addresses a specific problem, and how their product stands out from the competition. In addition to the technical aspects of creating an AI algorithm, students also reflected on the ethical implications of their ideas. On Wednesday, the 10th graders presented their ideas to the rest of High School, receiving valuable feedback that helped them improve their ideas for their final pitch competition on Friday. 

All groups developed products that thoughtfully combined ethical and economic concerns to address a current problem with AI technology. However, our students were most impressed by a non-profit idea to help endangered species developed by Nicolas Sch., Philipp W., Fiona H., and Lars L. Congratulations! 

Ahead of the project week, led by AI expert and GISSV parent Lutz Finger, students were introduced to the basics of AI and its current applications, such as Chat GPT-3, before the Christmas break.

We believe that an interdisciplinary approach is indispensable for solving complex problems of the future; this should be taught and practiced in school. Moreover, we are focusing on the skills generative AI cannot take over for now: creative human-centered design, collaborating in diverse teams, and critically evaluating AI from a human perspective! 

And most importantly, our students had a lot of fun!

Written by Martin Lentzen, GISSV Head of Economics