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Alumnus Interview on GISSV ON AIR

Alumnus Interview on GISSV ON AIR

Alumnus Titan Yuan (class of 2016) talks to GISSV high school students about his time at GISSV and UC Berkeley.

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If you want to know more about the U.S. college experience and how GISSV prepares you for the admissions process, you’ve come to the right place! In the newest podcast episode, Luana and Lena, both high schoolers at GISSV, interview Titan, a graduate of the school who has experienced this firsthand. They discuss a multitude of topics, including how the skills Titan gained at GISSV prepared him for college and life in general, as well as his experiences at UC Berkeley and his post-grad job. Enjoy! 


Titan and his twin brother graduated in 2016 from GISSV. Back then they worked for two years with the vice principal on a concept for an e-learning plattform GISSV adopted. At UC Berkeley, Titan received the Regents and Chancellor's Scholarship - the most prestigious scholarship at the university. He did a combined Bachelor's and Master's program in electrical engineering and computer science in just 4 years and then got the Siebel Scholarship. Titan is now an embedded software engineer at an autonomous delivery startup company in Mountain View.