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Black History Month

Black History Month

Black History Month 2023 – Black Resistance: A Journey to Equality

Written by Joe Njangiru (


Learn from the Past to Inspire the Future

This annual observance was founded in the United States in 1926 by an African American historian and scholar Carter G. Woodson, as he studied the history of the African Diaspora. Initially it was known as the “Negro History Week” and commemorated every 2nd week of February. Why February? Well, it coincided with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass. Lincoln was influential in the emancipation of slaves and Douglass, a former slave himself, was a prominent leader in the abolitionist movement. It wasn’t until 1976 that it became a month-long celebration and recognized nationally by President Gerald Ford of the U.S government

This commemoration is meant to highlight the positive achievements and contributions of the African Diaspora and is now a global feature. Figures often highlighted include Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama. In Germany, the commemoration started in Berlin in 1990 and brought together members of the Black German Communities. The communities have held discussions on Afro-European and International African perspectives and experiences.

As a black fellow parent at our GISSV community, feel free to reach out in case of any questions, for a nuanced discussion or just a chat about race relations and experiences that could be beneficial to us all as a community.

My personal book tip for understanding Black contemporary perspectives in Europe would be:

  • Afropean: Notes from Black Europe by Johny Pitts

A further book recommendation on local Black women perspective:

Further resources for both parents and children:

The DEI/DRIN parent group welcomes article contributions from the GISSV community related to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) or Diversität, Repräsentation, Inklusion, Normkritik (DRIN) activities on campus.

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