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Community Diwali Celebration at GISSV San Francisco

Community Diwali Celebration at GISSV San Francisco

On our San Francisco Campus, our school community, especially families from Kibili and the elementary school, enjoyed a joyful Diwali celebration.

In keeping with the subtle spirit of the festival, the SF Campus community celebrated Diwali with lights, dance, food, and a dash of amusement on Friday, November 17. The event unfolded seamlessly, thanks to the collaborative efforts of parents and teachers who carefully planned and executed it. Teachers and volunteers played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth flow of the activity-filled morning.

The morning kicked off with preschool, kindergarten, elementary students, and parents gathering in the yard to illuminate a symbolic Diwali lamp. After a modest dance session featuring Bollywood hits, students participated in various activities, such as rangoli coloring and creation in the yard, henna tattoos (both traditional and stickers), diya painting, and Diwali-themed book reading. The culinary aspect showcased sandwiches, samosas, rose milk cake, Mango lassi, and other delectable items, thoughtfully prepared by parents.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Rima Mutreja, Shamala Hinrichsen, Mamata Kene, and Preeti Chadha, as well as all parents and teachers who volunteered, and to everyone in attendance. Your contributions infused the Diwali celebration with a sense of festivity, creating a quietly enjoyable occasion for the entire school community.