Preschool-12 Dual Language Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

Denkreise at GISSV

Denkreise at GISSV

It was a pleasure to welcome an interdisciplinary group of educators - covering different divisions and functions - to our San Francisco Campus on Monday, October 11.

GISSV's Head of School (interim) Thomas Spahn, Assistant Principal Jenny Jungeblut, and SF Campus Middle School Coordinator Stefanie Wenk introduced GISSV's preschool-12 dual-language program we are so proud of to the group from Switzerland and Germany.

Thank you to everyone joining for the visit and the inspiring conversation: Rahel Tschopp (, Andrea Matter and Melanie Schweizer ('Wir machen Schule'), Rolf Jucker (Stiftung SILVIVA), Petra Ferrari (GF Bildungsunternehmen), Florence Bernhard (Gesamtschule Winterthur), Cornelia Gut-Villa (Stiftung Starfeld), Renée Lechner and Silvia Wetter.

Photo credit: Denkreise