Preschool-12 Dual Language Education in
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High School: Transatlantic AI Project 2020I21

High School: Transatlantic AI Project 2020I21

How will AI shape our future, and to what extent should we let AI control and shape our lives?

This was the question that 10th graders from GISSV and the ESG in Gütersloh explored over the last two months. Each group chose a different area, and they gave presentations on how AI can make our lives better in media, in health care, crime and security, and a future of AI and humanity working side by side. The presentations took into account ethical, economic, and programming issues and developed products that took into account both the benefits and the downsides of AI application. 

Two outstanding experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Joaquin Quinonero Candela, Director of Applied Machine Learning at Facebook and Marcus Behrendt, CEO at BMW iVentures, served on the panel for these presentations, shared their insights into the real-live application of Artificial Intelligence, and gave valuable feedback for the students’ products. Their questions encouraged the students to dig even deeper and to fearlessly encounter the implications that might become reality one day. Important questions revolved around the idea of government regulation, freedom of speech, and, of course, responsibility. They showed themselves highly impressed by the students’ deep knowledge and investment. 

The overall project was guided by Economics teacher Martin Lentzen with help from Michael Koppitz, IT teacher, and Jenny Jungeblut, Ethics teachers on the GISSV side, and Kai Clamor, Ethics teachers at ESG. A special and big thank you goes out to Daniela Behrendt, who introduced the students to eduScrum and agile methods of working together. 

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~ Written by Jenny Jungeblut, Ethics Teacher and Vice Head of School