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HPI Lecture with Product Owner at luca-app C. Mandel

HPI Lecture with Product Owner at luca-app C. Mandel

For the Women's Day event we welcomed special guest Beate Antonich and inspiring speaker Caterina Mandel.

For our HPI Lecture Series we had invited students and the wider community to a special Women's Day event this morning. Participants joined in from GISSV as well as other German Schools Abroad.

Besides Head of School Kathrin Röschel and Joann Halpern from Hasso Plattner Institute (NYC) who opened the lecture once again - we had the distinct pleasure to have special guest Beate Antonich at today's event. She talked about her career path and her role as the Scientific Liaison Officer at the German Consulate General and addressed the importance of the International Women's Day - it's relevance to emphasize the progression of human rights for women, while encouraging policy initiatives to further gender equality.

HPI Lecture:
In her presentation with the title "Why I Wanted to Work in IT and How I Became a Product Owner of one of Germany’s Most Popular Apps", Product Owner at luca-app and HPI Alumna Caterina Mandel discussed her personal process on how she decided to study computer science, her experience studying at HPI, becoming an entrepreneur, and the development of the luca app – the successes, challenges, and future of luca.

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