Preschool-12 Dual Language Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

Inaugural GISSV/Scholastic Book Fair(s)

Inaugural GISSV/Scholastic Book Fair(s)

We are delighted to announce the resounding success of the first-ever GISSV/Scholastic Book Fair(s) held at our campuses.


"The Scholastic Book Fairs were a big success. We want to thank the parent volunteers that made it possible. We could not have managed without their assistance. It was wonderful as an English teacher and lover of books to see and hear children excited about books. We had students lined up out the doorway to make purchases during the lunch breaks. Students were very responsible and if they didn't have quite enough money they would come back the next day. There were students helping younger students. Siblings helping each other. Today there was a boy with one dollar and he bought two bookmarks and gave one to a friend. This really touched my heart. I want to thank the teachers for their understanding and patience as there were a few students that were a bit late returning from lunch as they were buying their books. 

Thank you again for your support.

Happy reading!"

~Gale Adams-Davis, Head of Elementary School


Credit: Sheyda Ashrafi (MV), Jill Sestokas & Barbara Troy (SF)