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International Day of Tolerance

International Day of Tolerance

November 16 is International Day of Tolerance.

Written by GISSV's DEI Committee

In 1996, the UN General Assembly declared November 16 as the International Day for Tolerance. One year earlier, on November 16, 1995, UNESCO adopted a Declaration of Principles on Tolerance to promote tolerance in our societies “because tolerance is not only a cherished principle, but also a necessity for peace and for the economic and social advancement of all peoples”.

In recognition of this year’s International Day of Tolerance, here are some online resources promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • The Buchhandlung Internationales Buch is a great resource for families that want to buy books that are current and reflect the progressive approach German publishers have taken on the subject

  • The Children's Library Lady has English titles that reflect DEI well and is recommended for parents and teachers 

  • Hanisauland is a great resource for faculty and parents on the DEI subject. It highlights three different animals that are trying to work to build a democracy and the challenges they face since, well, each are different

  • The Goethe Institute covered the topic of the evolving trends of children literature in Germany (and northern Europe) and how publishers are addressing the subject of representation, bias, and how it impacts minority groups within their communities. The links here will help especially Germans living abroad to not only keep up with current trends in Germany but also equip them with tools and perhaps even answer questions they themselves might have on the subject. These resources are in both German and English. 

And a great big “Thank you!” to the parent volunteers in the GISSV libraries who help to provide an inclusive educational environment for our children.


The DEI/DRIN parent group welcomes article contributions from the GISSV community related to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) or Diversität, Repräsentation, Inklusion, Normkritik (DRIN) activities on campus.

Join us at our next monthly meeting on December 13! Every second Tuesday of each month. Both German and English speakers are welcome.

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