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MV Kibili Playground Shines in New Splendor

MV Kibili Playground Shines in New Splendor

Over the weekend a group of parents and teachers painted adorable jungle themed games on the Kibili playground in Mountain View.

...and of course - a picture of a dinosaur (with eggs) was added for the Dino Club as well.

Thank you to teachers Victoria Mitsche and Lucie Heinrich for initiating this project and making it happen. A special thank you to illustrator and GISSV parent Emma Dahlen for the concept/drawing. And Dankeschön to all parent and teacher volunteers for organizing colors and materials, spending the weekend with drawing or helping with the children and more.

Thank you as well to the Sherwin-Williams Paint Store in Milpitas for donating paint and materials worth $1,500!

Emma ( shared with us what inspired her and how the project was realized:

"Thank you to everyone who helped me realize this project 🥰 I could not have done this without you! ❤️ Even my daughter pointed out: „zusammen sind wir alle stärker.“ (last Kibili project) 🥰

Thank you to the planners, material-coordinators, surface cleaners, food coordinators, painters: Victoria, Trammy, Stephan, Roland, Jennifer, Katia, Ashish, Rebekka, Lucie, Yvonne, Jeanine, Karen, Sarah, Zeinab, Leo, and I hope I remembered everyone! 🥰🎉

This has been such a wonderful and meaningful project to me. I researched how playground design can have an impact on how kids spend their recess.

Each area has been designed with careful thought, encouraging the kids to use the surface in different ways.

Now it has been so interesting to observe and hear what the children did in the end with what we drew.

For example, the blue water suddenly became a space for playing mermaids 😅

Also, my daughter has been a big inspiration to this project, explaining to me what her friends like (animals and colors) and I‘ve tried to incorporate this whilst sticking to the theme (unicorns & firefighters didn‘t quite make it, next time! ) 😅

Finally, I would also like to especially thank Sherwin-Williams [Milpitas] for supporting us in this project - not only for the materials, but also with such competence and fantastic customer service."

We are very grateful! Thank you everyone - and we and the children LOVE the new colorful playground!