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KuMu Café 2022|23

KuMu Café 2022|23

Our first Art and Music Department mini-exhibition, KuMu Café, was a remarkable event held on Friday, June 16 in our Mountain View MPR.

Middle (MV&SF) and High School students astounded everyone with their exceptional talent and creativity.

The multipurpose room (MPR) was adorned with vibrant student artwork, reflecting the dedication and hard work of our talented artists. Accompanied by delightful musical performances from the Music Class, the event became a true feast for the senses, combining art and music harmoniously.

KuMu Café went beyond showcasing finished works; it provided insight into the artistic process, allowing attendees to appreciate the inspiration and techniques behind the artwork. Witnessing the growth and development of our students' artistic abilities was truly inspiring.

To enhance the experience, we offered a delicious fruit salad buffet—a delightful addition to the artistic celebration, pleasing both the eyes and taste buds. (Thank you to everyone who contributed to the buffet!)

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who attended and supported our talented students. Your presence and encouragement meant the world to them. Your participation in this artistic celebration played a vital role in nurturing the creative spirit within our school community.

For those who couldn't attend, we look forward to welcoming you to future events where we will continue to showcase the incredible talents of our students. Let's come together to foster a love for art and music and inspire the next generation of artists.