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Martin Lentzen at German AI Podcast

Martin Lentzen at German AI Podcast

"Kreide, KI, Klartext" - a podcast at the intersection of education and future developments, exploring the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI = KI in German) in education.

In the 11th episode, the exciting topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in German Schools Abroad is discussed. The microphones were aimed at three parts of the world: Europe (Belgium), Asia (Singapore), and North America (USA).

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Mr. Lentzen, Coordinator of Digital Lesson Development and Head of Economics at GISSV:

"I had the opportunity to join an AI podcast discussing the role of AI in education, alongside two teachers from other German schools. It's rare that we get the time for deep conversations with peers and leaders from different educational settings, and each time we do, it's incredibly enriching for everyone involved. Thanks to Nicole Bordelais from Internationale Deutsche Schule Brüssel (iDSB) and Jan Brockmann from GESS - German European School Singapore.

German schools abroad provide a unique perspective. They blend the rigorous German learning culture with local traditions and insights, creating a dynamic educational environment. They are often agile, backed by motivated staff, and equipped with the resources to integrate the latest technologies—making them fascinating case studies."