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Navigating Through a Power Outage at MV Campus

Navigating Through a Power Outage at MV Campus

Last Thursday and Friday, our Mountain View campus encountered an unexpected challenge—a power outage that disrupted our daily operations and Abitur exams.

Despite this adversity, we are immensely grateful for the unwavering support and collaborative efforts that allowed us to swiftly resume normalcy.

First and foremost, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the individuals and organizations who stepped forward with generosity and assistance during this time of need. Special thanks to PG&EPG&E, who turned a frustrating situation into a positive experience. Additionally, we express our sincere appreciation to the school's electrician for their diligent work, even on a Saturday night, to restore power to our campus. Your efforts exemplify the spirit of teamwork and resilience.

We also want to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our staff, parents, and the school leadership team in managing the impact of the power outage, particularly on the Abitur exams. Despite the unforeseen circumstances, their adaptability and quick thinking ensured minimal disruption to the academic schedule. We are grateful for their unwavering commitment to our students' education and well-being.

Furthermore, we extend our gratitude to the Whisman School District for their collaboration and support in securing alternative exam facilities at Graham Middle School. Their assistance enabled us to uphold the integrity of the Abitur exams and mitigate any potential setbacks for our students. 

In closing, we want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone involved in overcoming the recent power outage. Your dedication, support, and resilience embody the spirit of our school community, and we are truly thankful for your unwavering commitment to our collective success.